Down memory lane…Idea for a semi autobiographical novel.

If you don’t know what you’re looking for you’ll never find it. This is what has held me back my whole life. And it is strange to me because I vividly remember being eight years old and knowing exactly what I wanted. I remember riding my bike along the beach, gazing out over the sea and I had my future all planned. When I left St Mary’s I would take the Manx Steam Packet Ferry to Liverpool, where I would go to college and study to be a Commercial artist. Oh yes, not just any artist but a commercial one. I had it all properly planned at the age of eight.


Mass confusion in my mind…. When grief takes over.

I have booked my flight to China. Now I wish I hadn't and tomorrow...well I will probably change my mind AGAIN and be glad I am going! I feel dizzy. Nothing feels right, what do you do when everything feels wrong? The advice garnered says 'If in doubt, leave it out.' Now, this is very …

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Bulgar Khan Tervel Saves Europe from Arabic Invasion, 718AD

Fascinating! Oh how I love Bulgaria.

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Did you know that the face of Europe would have been very different today if it hadn’t been for the Bulgarian khan Tervel who saved the Christian world from Arab invasion?

By the early 700s, the Arabs had conquered most of the Middle East, Mecca and Medina, Jerusalem, Syria, Damascus, Persia, Cyprus, Egypt, Cartagena, Spain, and Lisbon. By 716, they besieged Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, both by land and by sea. Europe had never seen such difficult times. It was about to be crushed by two Muslim fists, one from the West and one from the East.

Constantinople was barely holding after three years under siege until a miracle happened. On August 15th, 718, the Bulgar Khan Tervel took the  Arabs by surprise. The Bulgar army annihilated the invaders, who didn’t return to the Balkans for at least a few centuries. Thus, the Bulgar…

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Me, the angry technophobe, grr!

I am feeling a lot better today, just working on this blog has lifted my spirits, I am happier because I am writing and I am writing about something I really love, Travel. It is not easy though, in fact I am finding the technical side of the blog very challenging.  It has taken me three days to work …

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